Volete avvicinarvi alle discografie di questi grandi artisti ma volete prima conoscere le tematiche di cui parlano? Siete interessati ai testi di una band ma non avete voglia di districarvi attraverso decine di album? Museo Rosenbach vi viene in aiuto, con questo pratico compendio! Centinaia di testi mescolati alla rinfusa e fatti deflagrare in poche righe: gustateveli!






“Uuuh baby I really love you; you’re my only love, I can’t wait to be with you and make love, ‘cause my love for you is so strong that I miss you when you’re not with me and I think about you day and night and afternoon; and you, my love, are the only girl I will ever love and I could never leave you, but I’m leaving you anyway, and yet I swear I really, really love you.”



Led Zeppelin


(come gli Scorpions, però compare più spesso la parola “baby”)





I was walking through a land of ethereal amazement when I was mesmerized by the smell of infinity, and I saw yesterdays and tomorrows melt and merge in a dimension of anguish and sunlight, where the sublimation of the unconscious becomes the annihilation of revelation; then I knew that the acid was good.”



Guns ‘n Roses


“C’mon bitch, I’m really losing my mind, I know you want sex so fine, let’s fuck on the floor; now come with me on my car, let’s drink and smoke and drive on the pavement and gamble and fuck another time and run away from the cops until they catch me. Fucking cops.”





“I’m dying, and when I die I’m dead; you know that death is deadly, and if you’re about to die it means that death is near. Death may never die, but surely I will.”





“Into battle I ride, my life is devoted to fight; my enemies will fall and die with their blood on my sword of steel. I am the King of warriors, nobody can kill me; nevertheless, every battle I fight I die, so I will go to Valhalla and sit by the Gods and no one will ever doubt about my courage and pride.”



Rhapsody (of Fire)


“The realm was quiet and peaceful, until the evil Darklord raised and filled every land with demons and death. Then humans, dragons, elves, dwarves, trolls, orcs, Uruk-hai, talking trees and other weird creatures formed a holy alliance: they found the sacred mystical weapon after a very long and troubled journey, and they used it to defeat the Darklord in an apocalyptic battle. Now the realm is peaceful again, and so it shall remain, until the next Darklord is ready to rise.”



Children Of Bodom


“Fuck you motherfucker! I don’t give a fuck about what the fuck you’re saying so you can go fuck yourself. Don’t try to kill me because I will kill you and if you fuck me I will fuck you more and I will cover your fucking face with blood and leave you dying on the shores of Lake Bodom. Fuck off!!”





“I am the son of Satan, and Satan guides my way to hell where I belong; and I will come back from hell to fight under the sign of Satan, to make the world more evil and satanic than hell itself, with fire and flames and blood, with many corpses and battles and destruction; it will be a neverending war because everybody should be in hell and submit to the great Satan. Yeah hell is awesome.”



Cannibal Corpse


“I’m gonna cut your head and tear your eyes out, I’m gonna open your skull and eat your brain; I will spill your own blood into your stomach that I previously ripped from your body, which now is burning in a fire fed by my sperm in a way I cannot explain.”



Napalm Death




(trad. “We hate capitalism, we hate the System, fuck your modern life-style, vengeance for Carlo Giuliani”)